Saturday, August 20, 2011

My pet plant

As you know, I have a fondness for walks in parks and photos of nature.

And I had been itching for awhile to grow something of my own. A kind of desire to go all Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-ish, planting and harvesting, living off the land, that sort of thing. I went so far as to peruse the nparks community gardens webpage, which incidentally has a generous store of resources and tips. Did you know there was a National Gardening Movement?!

So I got to talking with a sweet ol' lady one morning on the way to church. She is one of my mother's Sunday lunch kakis, who - as it turns out - does gardening in her HDB balcony. She offered to start me off with a few seedlings and hey presto, 2 Sundays later, I was the owner of these chilli plants:

Confession. Right away, the care of the plant was handed off to my parents. My dad bought a spray to keep the plants misted and hydrated. My parents currently have some sort of running rivalry on which side of the plants should be facing the sunlight...and I am just waiting for the first sign of chilli so that I can take photos of them. I'd like to think it gives them some excitement in life, in lieu of grandchildren (at least for now). Heh.

Stay tuned for future chilli padi developments!

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