Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Singapore

What could be more national day-y than a visit to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery at the iconic red-and-white Central Fire Station at Hill Street?

You-know-you're-Singaporean points of interest: Entry is free! Seeing as fires and civil emergencies are pretty rare in these parts, it's one of the rare times the kids get to see - and climb on - a real fire engine! Thirdly, although fires and civil emergencies are rare, it is still good to remind the kids not to take all this for granted i.e. DO NOT play with fire!

Opening Time. Bonus trivia: the badges on the wall by the door are gifts from overseas fire brigades, which is apparently one of those things that firemen do when they are overseas.

Love the arches, and the red doors.

Releasing well wishes and prayers on balloons for Singapore. Happy 46th, and thank God for the peace in this land.

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