Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I'm up to this weekend

Today is that one day of the week on which I can wake up according to my own body clock. Which as you know, turns out to be fairly early in the morning anyway.

I am hosting 2 Vietnamese students this weekend as well as the next (they are only 12 years old! babies! gosh, I am getting old). They're here for a 2-week summer camp. Going to take them swimming at my aunt's this morning and have roped in my 13yo cousin to come along for shopping in the afternoon. Love it that my extended family is on hand to help out too. I have a list of things to keep them occupied... rope them in to make konnyaku jelly, go shopping, catch Toy Story 3, some bowling perhaps, CRAFT :), walk/cycle by the beach... and oh they want to learn how to play monopoly deal (heaps of fun!)

Monopoly deal... faster and therefore more fun than the original Monopoly :)

It's 9am and they have just woken up apologizing for waking up late! (Well they did say to wake them at 730 or 8...). A full day lies ahead..ta ta!

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