Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Multi-tasking

Shhh. I'm in my room doing various multi-tasky things on the computer. Don't tell my mum. But then again she already knows. (cue minor tsk-ing)

We have 2 Vietnamese students staying with us the next two weekends and this morning I decided we needed to de-clutter the house before they get here. So I got my mum started on a cleaning blitz while I...slunk into my room to do various Saturday-y things. But I am itching to clean up too and am doing that while popping in to saturday-surf in between.

Oh my! A new blog find that goes straight to my visit-often book mark list! Bee-you-ti-ful photos and a happy vibe. via another blog on the same list, piajane.

And oh! A very cute picnic! I'm inspired.

And ooh! Another window display from piajane, this time on Amsterdam! I also liked her window display for her paris book.

Happy Saturday!

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