Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend inspirations

I thought about...

Hosting a party. Tips, and a new blog I think I'll be reading. My aunt, who migrated to Canada, is coming back for a visit in July, and I am thinking of a theme party.

Doing good in the world, and doing it well. Saturday's life section did a great spread on the Lien Foundation and the good work they are doing in making clean water more accessible to people in Cambodia.

Maisonettes. Also in the papers was a reproduced article from March's Home & Decor which has made me rethink maisonettes.

Design and marketing. Article on the Spades. Which also made me think of chelle's owl bag (hello chelle). And incidentally I feel like it's odd when the brand's namesake is no longer at the helm. It's like macdonald's without ronald, or KFC without Col. Sanders. Or something like that.

Handmade books and legos. I keep wanting to make a book, and I keep procrastinating. The inspiration comes and goes :) Thought this book project was very cool.

I had a good weekend including badminton on Sunday evening.

And here we go hurtling toward the end of the month.