Friday, March 12, 2010

Seeing the art in me

This was a side-product of a card I made last year for Tara, one of my sunday school kids. I was testing out the stamps and it occurred to me that there was literally art in her name...

Anyways. I took the afternoon off today because I felt a cold coming on and I was pretty distracted the whole morning thinking about my developing sore throat and a funny feeling in my head. Plus I have about a million days of leave to use. Ok not really but a lot more than my (envious) brother.

Oh the joy of breaking the routine. Of the smell of freedom and the weekend ahead. Even though my next two Saturdays are already booked up with important but probably boring events :( I'll try to see the silver lining in those clouds...

Talking about silver linings, I have thus far been able to ignore solitary strands of white hairs that have appeared amidst my erstwhile entirely black hair, occasionally plucking them to give them the hint that they're not wanted... but they have a mind of their own and persist in coming up and multiplying. The other day I caught sight of 3 long strands on my right side, spread out equidistant and looking like one of those streams of smoke coming from jet planes at an aerial display. Argh! And just yesterday I saw a white strand resting on my shoulder, made all the more visible on my black blouse (like dandruff, but I don't know which is worse, dandruff or white hairs. hmm dandruff probably). I went so far as to consider not wearing black tops any more. Which would be a problem, as I'm in black half the time.

Argh! I could go on about the signs of aging in this 'jar of clay' but I will try instead to see the art in me (this from a song I like by Jars of Clay). And I will turn my thoughts to the weekend ahead!

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