Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Confession

This is the post in which I confess my stationery splurge.
In which I will also be making many justifying statements.

My name is manda and I am a stationery addict.

But it's not really my fault. (Or so they all say)

It was the paper market's fault, with its shiny rows of perky and beguiling stationery goods. And those discount coupons? That was an evil move, my friend.
(to market, to market, to buy...a new punch)

Or maybe it was Martha's fault. Yes, your honour, 'twas she who instigated the creation of beautifully white and delightful punches, packaged in white boxes that suggest a hint of Tiffany & co.

I present the evidence, herewith.

Exhibit A: Said Punch in white-and-blue carton.

Exhibit B: The other side of Said Punch, with yet more white-and-blue. Incidentally, does the design look a little like Mickey Mouse ears?

And that was how - what with discounts thrown at me, and all that lovely matt cream texture of the punches - I came to own a border punch and a butterfly punch. I have just learnt that the punches are made by EK, and I vaguely feel like I've been manipulated by a genius designer & marketer... but oh well, this is my Christmas present to myself! No need for wrapping, either!

There was just 1 last (basic) acquisition to make...

The End
(for now)

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