Saturday, January 24, 2009


I love...the colour, the pseudo-maths-likeness, the painting on serviettes with real coffee (ok, he mixed in some paint) and of course, it was all about coffee which as you know, I get a kick out of...Christoph Niemann for the NYT

It was about 9:15 when I was done with breakfast.
I woke up when I wanted to, made coffee and toast, munched distractedly while I flipped through each page of the newspapers.

Come and shred the vegetables for yushang, my mum said.
Ugh, went every bone in my body.
Oh it's only 9:15, she mused. (This from a woman who's already done her ironing this morning)
Right - you didn't see me, I said, channeling penguins from Madagascar.

Ordinarily, I would love helping and getting in the way by taking loads of photos to boot.
But I'm tired out from the week! I'm still unwinding, mum... or un-whining, as she put it. Very cute.

So right now I'm surfing online.
Making my way down my list of frequently-visited blogs. Getting sidetracked on new ones. Yes, I know there's google reader but I like actually visiting the site in its full glory. I want a heart punch! Inspired by this party.

Valentine's day is coming up! I think I'll make cards for my sunday school kids.
But first, Chinese New Year. I think it's high time I cleared the Christmas stuff and other things that have accumulated on my desk. I'm feeling inspired to freshen up my wardrobe too. Tis the season, tis the season.

Time check: 10:26. Sounds of busy-ness are in the background. Time to plunge into the luan-si-ness...

Here's to the long weekend, woohoo! Xing Nian Kuai Le.

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