Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I started out on the 3rd of Jan feeling, well, fresh.
Giddy with delight over my new clear stamps and excited...

Fast forward to 7 Jan and I'm so tired. Work has been ... a trial. And one that continues... sigh.

Still, I had a good time in December. Here's about 4 weeks compressed in 4 seconds.
  • Family trip to Sarawak. Retro, good ol' family time, seriously overused the words 'kolo mee' (hee! inside joke).
  • Youth camp rocked.
  • The mad rush to make Christmas cards. Make that two years' worth of cards since I didn't have time to use them all.
  • Christmas. I did a honey-baked ham!
  • New Year. Just don't tell anyone how boring we were.

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