Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Date

I cannot wait to get this movie on DVD and round up my mum, aunt(s) and cousins to watch it. Alicia Keys! Jennifer Hudson! A feel-good movie with the kind of plot I love! We'll plonk ourselves down in the TV room, turn on the aircon, sip honey-and-lemon-tea, munch on honey soy chicken chips, and have a good ol' bonding and cry-fest*. Bring on the tissue! I love my family.

* Notes:
Tis best to let the tears out during the movie. Once I stoically watched The Notebook with assorted family members sniffing all around me. When the movie ended, the credits rolled, said family members crumpled up their tissues and happily moved on while I remained in the TV room with a huge lump in my heart - argh.

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