Monday, November 3, 2008

Back home (II)

I had a very good break from everything and enjoyed a long holiday with my best friend and her family. I somewhat miss Mademoiselle D's cheekiness and charm.

Nevertheless, I was very happy to get home. To be slightly corny...this is home truly....where a great breakfast can be had for 7 Euros...for a party of 5 adults! Above photo: Good stuff at Changi Airport's Yakkun Toast.

After I got home today, I
  • Unpacked. Washed my laundry.
  • Opened my mail, i.e. credit card bills. How sad that we hardly get snail mail anymore. I think I will do up a batch sometime and surprise some people.
  • Showered. Exfoliated. Ah, my feet love L'Occitane Shea Butter footscrub...
  • Caught up on blog happenings. Added a few more to my bookmarks of blogs to read.
  • Transferred over 800 photos into my mac.
  • Took a short nap. Urgh, jetlag.
  • Had a yummy noodle soup cooked by my dad. Soup is so soothing.
  • Did a sorta check-in to work by calling Bee, my great ally, to get the scoop on things and to find out how everyone was doing. Our favourite chicken soup lunch place has a new dessert - chocolate fondant! I have high hopes for it and can't wait to try it.
  • Took a longer nap, mildly roused by a jolly good thunderstorm in the afternoon. Welcome back to the tropics.
  • Dinner with my parents and the recounting of holiday goings-on.
  • Upped the present-giving a notch by adding trim! It's all about the presentation, baby.
And tomorrow, it's back to work...

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