Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday mornings are surfing

I love Saturdays. Especially cool, slightly overcast Saturday mornings when I have nothing on for the day. A free and easy Saturday = bliss. Normally I try to go for an early morning walk with my mum but it rained this morning and so I happily slept in.

Among other things, Saturday mornings are for blog surfing. I just added a list of blogs that I visit often. They're a mixed bag - Karen Cheng is like an alternate universe (life as a 30 year old Chinese Australian with a husband, a house and 2 kids), metrodad is a guy in New York with one stylish kiddo and with whom I have almost nothing in common but find moving/hilarious anyway, and the usual suspects like the Sartorialist and the Fashion is Spinach lady. Karin has beautiful photos, the kind I would like to take myself. Random inspirations has cool design stuff that inspires me to concoct some of my own craft stuff. Nachosan, who I stumbled upon in flickr, has breathtaking photos and loves using his Japanese wife as a muse. In short, I love design, photos, fashion, life.

The fun about blog surfing is also in looking at what people whose blogs you like find inspiring themselves...and it goes on....

I want a prosumer camera of my own! Boo hoo. But I wouldn't spend so much money on one. Right now, anyway. I'm busy trying to win one through Today newspaper's current contest tie-up with Nikon... suggest a caption for their Olympics shot of the day and you might have a shot (ha ha) at a camera...ooh I hope I win.

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