Saturday, August 2, 2008

Be smrt...go green

I'll admit, I like taking part in contests. But I do it selectively, like if it's a government-linked group wanting to give away free ipods, train rides... yes, friends, it all started in primary school when I won a Rainbow Brite boat (p.s. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. Ever have a nagging feeling like you have something back in the deep recesses of your brain? Well that's what the web is for - and I got the name thanks to folks who care about 1980s cartoons!). After which I went on to win an exercise mat in Primary 5 from an F&N draw. I remember all these events with great fondness because in those days, we didn't have a lot. And going anywhere seemed to be such a great effort for a kid, especially since we didn't have so many options like today when we hop into a cab quite easily, or take the train to the nearest station (and then hop into a cab). So in the case of Rainbow Brite, I remember a really troublesome journey with my family to get to some faraway place called Goldhill tower just to claim the prize. And I remember feeling really bad at troubling everyone! Guess what, the toy is still in my cupboard!

Anyway, the cooler prizes I've won to date are a printer and an ipod. I wouldn't mind winning a year's worth of free transport! So I've signed up for the smrt thingy where you log in your ezlink card number to double your chances of winning. What I wanted to share was the website which I think is very amusing. The top banner shows a bus and a train whizzing by green hedges (hallo, Singapore where got trains next to green hedges??!), while the cars at the bottom don't move at all. And if you mouse over the cars, they'll give off different horn sounds! I did it accidentally and it gave me a shock!

Although if the website was being completely honest, you'd see/hear people in the cars laughing at a lame joke on class 95, and people in the trains squashed like sardines and eyeballing and tsk-ing at people who don't move in to the centre/give up their priority seat or who take up sooo much space with their newspaper or disturb the peace by playing their handheld games with the volume on. That's mass media for you!

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