Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Objects Found - A Creative Challenge

There is much adventure to be had in looking through what I already own and setting myself a creative challenge of using it. I've had both the gold-ish wristlets for years. One had a little bell attached which, upon closer inspection, could be removed. Not very convenient and shall we say grown-up to have a little bell tinkling every so often. The flower brooch was picked up recently at H&M and I've used it maybe once or twice which is a great waste of material, not to mention the manpower that designed it, made it, shipped it, sold it. I have a feeling my carbon footprint is pretty large. 

So - in the spirit of making do, my challenge to myself is to make use of each of these 3 objects at least 3 times in the next 7 days starting Wednesday.

p.s. loving the photo effect of a free app I downloaded called PhotoWonder.

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