Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Wardrobe Spring-cleaning

I like having two new years in well, a year. It's like a re-start to the year.
Haven't made progress on new year's resolutions? Happy (Lunar) New Year! Here we go again!
Wardrobe still in a state of clutter? Time for spring cleaning!

This year's Chinese New Year found me with a spring-cleaning yearning.

I made some progress with my wardrobe, and with that I will be satisfied.

I set a time limit (about an hour) so that I wouldn't get cleaning fatigue.

I did a quick scan through the clothes hung up.  I found some pieces that: (a) I will never wear - these went into a pile to be given away; (b) I have outgrown or were a little small in the first place. Like a cute blue-flower-on-dark-background top from my parisian H&M spree a few years ago that I managed to wear a few times, at least. Le Sigh! This top found a new home with my cousin; (c) I am undecided about. Into a pile they went, to be reviewed later on. For instance, a dress that I wore to Chelle's pink-themed wedding festivities. Hmm.

Lastly, I found quite a few things that I'd forgotten I had. Out of sight, out of mind. I need to do some conscious rotation of clothes so that I don't get caught in a rut. Quite often, I find myself reaching for the same tried-and-tested items. I'll try figuring out new ways to wear existing clothes. 

And so, that was one round of spring-cleaning. Till next time...

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