Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tiny Miracles...

... is probably an oxymoron. Is a miracle ever tiny?

Still, here at this point of my life, I find myself thankful for the many blessings that God has given me, in all shapes and sizes, form and colour. Most of all, I thank Him for calling me to be His child. He is always with me, always comforting, guiding, shaping.

So this past week has been spent in hospital with my dad. He was diagnosed with cancer and had a tumour removed. He's such a tough ol' bird, I never knew that about my dad. He has shown me how to face a major trial with fortitude.

Being a caregiver is tough (though not as tough as being the patient), so we appreciate our whole village of relatives and friends who have surrounded us with their love and prayers.

As the doctors said, we have to pace ourselves. So today I am resting in for awhile before I go for a guitar class (the start of my third module!) in the afternoon before checking in on my dad. He is in good spirits and has been getting better by the hour.

Photo: Shortly after you move off from the kangaroo enclosure at the world-famous Singapore Zoo, you might spot these tiny feathery insects resembling delicate bits of tissue paper. Marvelous, God's creation. 

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