Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bedok South Market

Home, Truly. 
I really like wet markets. I like their familiar mix of stores selling raw meat and vegetables, cheap clothing & shoes, and awesome old-school cooking.
I like the hawker centres at Smith Street, Ghim Moh and Bedok.
And today I popped in to the one at Bedok South with my mum.
Photo opportunities galore!
~ ~ ~

Eating Out.
A hawker centre is a place where you can eat with friends or all by yourself.
Really, no one cares if you're in shorts and t-shirt or in office attire.
You come, you buy, you eat.
It's not uncommon for an aunty or uncle to plonk their vegetables on the seat next to you while they order their ta-mee to go.
You could have a meal by yourself, while a total stranger slurps down his/her noodles across the table from you, then sips the balance of his/her teh-O before dashing off to catch a bus.

~ ~ ~

Say Cheese.
The fruit stall aunty narrowed her eyes and stared silently as I did a few hasty shots. The eyes followed me as I scampered out of her line of sight.
Nearby at the vegetables section, my mother explained to the vegetable seller that I liked taking photographs. This place will be gone in a few years, he said.  
Come at 6am, he said, the vegetables are beautiful.

Bananas up in the air, and pineapples on the ground floor.

Don't mess with an Aunty

Love this shot. Potatoes, Onions, Garlic & Ginger. With old-school plastic baskets to put your selected goods into.

Love the green of this photo. Feli, this shot is for you. I ate every last bit of it. I honestly could not tell the difference between this and the one at Blk 85, and that's because...'s an offshoot of the original! With the hao-chi sign and other requisite guarantees of its goodness! And the tradition lives on...$2.50 a bowl, what a steal.

~ End ~

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