Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things I'm thinking about

  1. Saving for a rainy day...and re-examining my goals and wish-list.
  2. The needs of an aging population (1): Health - so, so important. I just made an appointment at the podiatrist for my dad. I wish the Clarke Quay branch hadn't closed down but meanwhile, I shall be glad that the sgfootcare centre is still operating at Ang Mo Kio. Dad was cheesed off with the receptionist at a local hospital that shall remain unnamed... that's what happens when he makes his own phone calls...
  3. The needs of an aging population (2):Still on health. Did you know that touch community services has a programme to support caregivers?? I suppose you only start bothering about things like this when you're in need, or your friends/colleagues are in need. The fact that lots of my colleagues are a decade older than I means that I've been getting glimpses of what might be in store a little further down the road. Colleagues' parents are going for operations, not to mention my colleague's mum just had a stroke and the said colleague has consequently been going through various trials in finding a suitable maid. Anyway, there is a wonderful thing called the Caregivers Training Grant that allows you to get some free training for yourself or your maid in the area of how to care for the elderly (up to $200 a year for each elderly person/person in need being cared for). The Grant is only available through approved institutions that offer the approved programmes, which cover the needs of the elderly as well as for special needs like children with autism. Amazing. I wish more people knew about it. Pass on the info, folks.
  4. The needs of an aging population (3): Employment, or something to pass the time. So much more can be done in this area. Today's Straits Times' recruitment section for retirees is...empty. I think the day will come when an online portal like S'pore Jobs Online will have a section for retirees with more options, not just 'Cleaner / Security / Retirees'.
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