Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was more laid-back than most, with my gifts mostly settled before the last weekend before Christmas. I must be growing up.

I had to force myself to break out some nice gifts I'd been keeping, hoarder that I am. Embracing the daily cute, eh... but more on that another time. So the really nice wall stickers from Paris with princesses and coaches (coaches a-la Cinderella, not the bag) went to a deserving lady with a sweet first baby, more of my mum's friend but I know her too. I like it when presents match the person, don't you?

I put a lot more thought into this year's presents and I am satisfied. It's not about present-giving, this season of Christmas, but I do think one thing we could take away is the joy of giving rather than (or as much as) receiving.

As of this moment though, the surprise gift for my mother is not at my house yet due to shipping delays, so it remains a surprise (3 days after Christmas! SURPRISE!) ...and because of that, my dad's gift is on hold too... online shopping has its fun moments but next time round I won't be holding my breath that the packages will arrive on time.

I enjoyed the usual gatherings with family and friends, unwrapping presents next to a Christmas tree (never gets old, does it), and I feel really blessed with all that I need - and then some.

One last thing. I think we have so much! I know I do. I hate to waste things though.

Exhibit A:
A box of misprinted cards that were bound for the bin (courtesy of Chelle) got chopped up into very decent cards and gift-tags. And I still have enough for several more Christmases!

Exhibit B:
I thought the ends of ribbons (when I snipped them off) were too cute to just chuck. Found a piece of red card. Stuck the ribbon ends on. Added an A (die-cut at Chelle's erm 2 years ago I think?). Voila, graphic-looking a hand-made card! I like it!

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