Sunday, November 14, 2010

On google and travel

My brother is off on his first trip to Europe this week and has been thoroughly enjoying the fun of reading guidebooks and doing travel research and making the hotel/transport arrangements.

Ahh, it brings back memories of Paris.

Like this restaurant in the Marais area (I think). Asian-inspired.

Le Petite Marche
9 Rue de BĂ©arn 75003 Paris, France

Enjoyed the duck (below).

Maybe it's best not to over-research travel plans and to just go with the flow instead.
But if you wanted to read some reviews, you could (Summary: the food's nice and good value for money but the service is allegedly better for locals). And if you wanted to see what it looks like, you could, courtesy of google map's street view (hey! that noticeboard below the word restaurant is still there!). And oh yes, I remember the outdoor heaters that are the secret to how one can sit outside on a cold day and look warm :)

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