Monday, August 3, 2009


The photo doesn't do the place justice but I'm posting it anyway cos I enjoyed looking out of the window of En Japanese Dining Bar, and it is much prettier in real life. What was really good: the beef carpaccio, sashimi, fried beef cubes, unagi fried rice.

I was there with a special group of friends - people who have shared many ups, downs, joys and trials of youth ministry well over a decade. It sounds like a long time but it has passed by so quickly - truly in a blink of an eye. When I look back, I see that God has brought us together, brought us through the challenges, healed many things in my life which are no more than a painless memory now. So the dinner was really a toast to the journey thus far and that which lies ahead. There will be more changes in our lives and areas of ministry but regardless of that, I think the bonds that have been formed will last a lifetime - something which I find deeply moving.

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